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My name is Francesco Cerioli, I'm from Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. I'm an Electronics Engineering graduate student at University of Brescia and a webdesigner. I develop websites since I was fourteen and in these years I learned HTML, ASP and PHP programming; at the high school I improved my "hardware skill" learning how to assemble PCs and realize homemade circuit board. That's when I decided to join the Electronics Engineering faculty, in order to understand how all that magic electronics stuff works!

At the university I focus on my hardware/electronics skills, learning how to develop electronics board projects starting from an idea and realizing schematics, complex PCB masters, signal conditioning circuits for sensors and VLSI microcircuit.

Im not just a geek: IT/electronics isn't my sole passion (other than legal thrillers and history books): I love USA, I've been there every year and every time for 10 years.. you can learn about this clicking on the left bottom corner; I hope that's could give you some hint for planning travel.

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